Nona Gormley

Phone Number: (315) 256-6658

NMLS #: 1700190

“Nona opens doors”

Nona Gormley possesses an impressive two decades of professional experience, underscored by unwavering integrity and a wealth of knowledge; always prioritizing her clients’ best interests. Her commitment to professionalism shines through in every endeavor, making her a trusted and respected partner. Beyond her work, Nona enjoys golf and gardening which reflect her dedication to precision and nurturing, whether it’s mastering a golf swing or cultivating a thriving garden.

What truly sets Nona apart is her vibrant personality; she’s known for infusing every situation with fun and positivity. Her warm and welcoming demeanor fosters meaningful connections with family and friends, who play a central role in her life. Nona Gormley is a true embodiment of the saying, “Diligence at work, delight in leisure,” and her blend of professionalism, integrity, and zest for life makes her an exceptional individual both personally and professionally.